SUMMER CAMPS & FALL CLASSES - Registration Now Open


How do I move up the color level?
All of our classes available to the public are at the ‘White’ level and are beginner friendly.

We have 3 requirements to move up a color level:

1. The athlete must accumulate 1 year’s (4 semesters) worth of class experience and pass each semester’s skill test.
2. Achieve 100% on their fourth Skill Test
3. A coach recommendation

All athletes will register for the same color level until the requirements above are completed.
How do I find out when your classes are available?
Join our Mailing List to find out when we release new rounds of classes! When new classes are released, a link to register will be sent directly to your email!
Sign up at the bottom of the page!!
Do you host birthday parties
We do not have birthday packages available, however we offer private group sessions to athletes registered in a class. Please email us at
How much do classes cost?
All FlyFree classes run for 8, 9, or 10 weeks depending on stat holidays. Pricing is as followed:

10 week classes $240 + GST
9 week classes $216 + GST
8 week classes $192 + GST
How old do my kids need to be to register?
We have recently lowered our registration age to 7 years old. We currently have the following classes:

Jr Parkour (ages 7-10)
Sr Parkour (ages 11-15)
Adult Parkour (ages 16+)
How do I register?
All of our registration is done online. Please see our Classes page for a list of available classes.
What is your cancellation policy?
We do not offer trial classes but we offer 90% refund up to the second class. We can provide credit back to your account in extenuating circumstances (ie. injuries) but credit expires in 365 days from the initial purchase.
Join our movement! Signup for classes today.